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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Christie Lousteau Spohn reviewed Active Martial Arts
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What an amazing place! The friendly staff greets all students by name as they walk in the door. The warm environment is extremely conducive to learning. Skills and fitness are developed through age appropriate drills, exercises, and games. I have really seen my daughter's confidence, focus, and skill level flourish over the past year. I'm looking forward to many more years with Active Martial Arts and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Brooke Cruanes reviewed Active Martial Arts
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Active Martial Arts is a wonderful place! My family and I have been taking classes since April. We absolutely love the encouraging and caring environment which is outstanding because of the instructors and staff. It has been a real joy seeing all of us grow with confidence each and every week. I cannot say enough good things!

Janelle Hayden-Johnson reviewed Active Martial Arts
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AMA is a friendly and welcoming place. From the first day we walked in to register they greeted us as if they already knew us. It made my son, Romell feel welcome and it gave him the drive to want to attend classes there. The owner reaches out to everyone he makes himself available to you. The instructors are excellent. I can't leave out the receptionist, she fits right in very friendly. I couldn't have picked a better place for my child to attend. Keep up the good work AMA owner and staff.

Stacey Cagnolatti Bumpus reviewed Active Martial Arts
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This studio is top notch from Mr. Molley to the assistants! Mr. Molley’s dedication to each class and student is unparalleled. Thank you Active Martial Arts! You are a pillar of our community.

Sarah Wright Kinchen reviewed Active Martial Arts
via Facebook

This place is amazing. And the way the staff works with the kids and even adults is truly astounding! Our family gives them 6 thumbs way up!

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Our latest news & thoughts

If you want your child to be bully proof, read this…

I’m sure you’ve noticed- Bullying has been a huge issue in our Parish!

I work with parents and kids every day, in the martial arts school, public schools, private schools, etc..

A lot of parents worry about the effects of bullying on their child.

They feel helpless, and don’t know what to do.

Should your child ignore it?
Should they run away?
Should they “fight” the bully?


The short answer to all that is NO!

You see, we only have 3 choices when it comes to dealing with a bully.

The first way is: You can ignore it…it but when you ignore it, it’ll continue to happen over and over…

You’ll say to yourself “It’s not big deal.” But as time goes on you’ll second guess yourself.

The moment your child thinks “Man I wonder if they are right…” their confidence will start to drop…

and go lower and lower because they’ll start to believe it. So ignoring it is not an option.


The second way is to run away.

Your child might say,”You know what, I just won’t go to baseball practice anymore.

Maybe I won’t go to that part of the playground again.”

Or maybe they love music-“ I’m not going to music class anymore.”

Then all of a sudden they don’t want to goto school anymore- because they’re scared.

They aren’t living THEIR life now.

The bully is dictating their life-

That’s what happens when you run away from it.


The 3rd choice: is to stand up for yourself. To live your BEST life.

Nobody has the right to take that away from your child- nobody has the right to break your child’s spirit!

When someone is verbally bullying your child, it takes confidence and self respect to say in their mind

“They don’t have the right to hurt my feelings. This is my life!”

We are going to increase that inner confidence and teach your child not only to respect themselves

but to respect others too- even the bully.

Because remember- most bullying is verbal and social- NOT physical-

which means that most bullies don’t want to fight!

And that’s awesome because the goal is NOT to get into a fight!

Now remember there is a big difference between fighting and self defense.

Fighting is the intent to hurt someone- a lack of respect.

Self-defense is protecting yourself.

No parent wants their child to get in a fight, but every parent wants their child to be safe and be able protect themselves.


I’d like to invite you and your family to a Bully-Proof Community Workshop I’m hosting on Saturday, May 4th.

It’s going to give your family peace of mind, because bullying effects the entire family!

I’m going to show you EXACTLY what to say and do when you’re dealing with a bully situation.

You’re gonna see your child’s confidence grow right before your eyes- and that will spread to everything they do in life.

Because when you increase a child’s confidence, it increases all their strengths.

It’s time to take action and do something for your child that will benefit them in all areas of their life for the rest of their lives!

There are only 50 spots, so click the link and see if we still have spots available!

When we fill up, we’ll start a waiting list for the next event.

PS. This is a charity benefit event for to support our kids through the local non-profit Volunteer Ascension.

Thank you for being an awesome parent!

Click the link below for details and I’m looking forward to meeting you and your child on Saturday!

By the way, if you found this helpful, please feel free to share this video!!

Have a great day!

EVENT LINK: https://www.mystudio.academy/e/?=2253045955/961/59242///1556283918

-Jeremy Molley